Observatory Engagement Photos with Amy + Josh

Today I’m sharing an engagement session from last year at the Cincinnati Observatory! While I’ve since moved to Austin (and love every second here), I have been nostalgic looking back on all the photos of the city that raised me! Cincinnati is home to some truly unique architecture and history. I feel like we took a step back and really immersed ourself in the universe in a unique way. There is something about the stars that make you feel so small. There is also something about the night that just feels so intimate. The warm light pouring out of the windows as we waltzed outside created a beautiful ambiance. The quiet of the room as we creaked up the steps to look through the telescopes is incredibly calming. And by the end of the night, we were all feeling so fulfilled.

Why we Decided on the Observatory Engagement Session

With all the engagement sessions I photograph, I hope to not only give you beautiful photos but capture a story. Amy and Josh’s first date was right here at the Cincinnati Observatory. As we were exploring session ideas on our call, as soon as they mentioned that they loved it there I knew we had to incorporate it into their session. When I reached out to the observatory, they were so incredibly kind and accommodating. There is a permit fee, which gave us after-hours usage and a private tour of the facilities. It was extra romantic to have the place just for them. I love helping facilitate real memories for you guys and just capture you all having a good time. If you’re interested in contacting the Cincinnati Observatory for your own photo session, you can find all of their information on their website here.

I hope to do more observatory engagement shoots here in the future. If you’re interested in having me help plan and capture your own observatory engagement, you can reach out here. I specialize in creating an experience rather than a several hour mannequin moment. I want you to feel beautiful, happy, in love, and celebrated in every single one of your photographs.

Until then, enjoy these photos. 🙂

Engagement Photos under the night sky at an observatory.
Collage of couple's photos in front of the Cincinnati Observatory for their engagement Photos.
An engaged couple's night time portraits at the Cincinnati Observatory
Detail photo at an Observatory of Engagement Ring made of uncut natural diamond.
Couple kissing in the window light at the Observatory during their engagement session.
A black and white photo of a couple at their observatory engagement session.
Night-time walking photo in black and white of an engaged couple at their Engagement Session. Session location is the Cincinnati Observatory.
Intimate couple's photo taken at an Observatory Engagement Session by Rebecca Crawford. Warm-toned night photography of the couple hugging together.

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