Photographer, Owner, CEO, person following you around with a camera. you name it- that's me! 

I have been photographing weddings since 2015. In 2017, I took my business full-time. I loved weddings from day one and constantly feel inspired to continue perfecting my craft. While I'm pretty proud of the work I'm putting out right now, I strive to never stop learning & growing as a photographer. I love being an artist and finding ways to capture a moment forever in an organic way. I feel like being a photographer gave me the ability to see and experience the world in a completely unique way. I proud myself on being able to be a fly-on-the wall and anticipate moments as they unfold. 

My photography style is a blend of documentary and cinematic/storytelling imagery.  For a majority of our time together during sessions/weddings/elopements I hope to just capture things as they happen + let you be fully present in the moment. However, I know most people (myself included)  appreciate some direction. I always want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your day first and foremost. However, I also want to capture all those beautiful details + to tell the *complete* story of your day. 

I'm an explorer, self-identified biologist, girlfriend, cat and dog mom, student, friend, and sister. 
I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's in computer science, with the goal of becoming a software engineer! I also volunteer weekly at the Georgetown 'All Things Wild' Wildlife Rescue. I'm a HUGE fan of being outside in any capacity- I feel most aligned with myself and calm when I'm spending time in nature. My weeks are always filled with hikes around local parks or weekend excursions to awesome places. This helps me find the coolest spots for photos ;) I have a partner Tristan, and together we have our sweet pup Sophie and two cats! I love making obscure movie references and eating way way way too many desserts (my current favorite is The Baked Bear ice cream sandwiches). I'm a glass-half-full person and enjoy living a life where I can help make people's lives better. 


Hiya, I'm Rebecca Crawford!

my approach to photography

when i'm not a photographer;


my boo Tristan

There are a lot of buzzwords going on right now that I’d probably align myself with; editorial, photojournalistic, documentary, refined. However, all of these feel empty and trendy when I read them over + over again. The truth is there are many amazing artists in the world, and we all have our own special something we bring to the table. For me, I offer a full photo experience where I bring a fun, laid-back approach to documenting your biggest moments in the most true-to-life way I can. Yes I’ll be there to help with guidance- I have yet to meet a person (myself included) who can just pop in front of a camera and feel fully confident. insert “What do I do with my hands?!” However, I am NOT here to make you do stiff, awkward poses that feel like robots or mannequins. I care about each person I work with, and work together with you to actually get to know you throughout this process. I know if you’re here, you value having nice photographs taken of you and your loved ones. To me, ‘nice photos’ mean when you look through your gallery you not only go “Damn, we look hot” but also “Wow, we are so in love”. When you’re looking back through your photos in 20 years I want them to make you feel all those emotions all over again. My hope is when you look through my portfolio, that you see all these people and feel like you know a little more about them. Pure joy, happiness, love in all its forms, comfort, safety, adventure, curiosity… I want to capture it all.  

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