Photographer, Owner, CEO, person following you around with a camera. you name it- that's me! 

I photographed at my first wedding in 2015. I was terrified of messing up, I didn't fully know what to expect and remember sitting in my car shaking moments before. While I didn't know what to expect when I walked in, I walked out with a new purpose and felt like for the first time in my life I found something I felt passionate about. After working full-time as a second photographer for 3 years after that first wedding I began my own biz 'Bare Moments' Photo'. 


Hiya, I'm Rebecca Crawford!

the gushy backstory: 

When I'm not Photographing, I'm...

I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's in computer science, with the goal of becoming a software engineer! I'm a HUGE fan of being outside in any capacity. I feel most aligned with myself and calm when I'm spending time in nature. My weeks are always filled with hikes around local parks or weekend excursions to awesome places. This helps me find the coolest spots for photos ;) I have a partner Tristan, and together we have our sweet pup Sophie and two cats! I love making obscure movie references and eating way way way too many desserts (my current favorite is The Baked Bear ice cream sandwiches). I'm a glass-half-full person and enjoy living a life where I can help make peoples lives better in any way I can! 

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Use the form below to tell me more about you! I I respond to all inquiries M-F within 24 hours, and any inquiries submitted on the weekend will be answered by Monday (I'm usually busy at other people's wedding these days!)