A nontraditional experience 

In A World Full Of Traditions

In a world full of "you have to do it this way"s and "this is the way you have to get married"s, why not have an adventure you want- Without the burdens of a traditional wedding . Whether that's hiking up a mountain, wading in an ocean, escaping in a forest, or just a picnic at a local park, we are here to celebrate your love in a way that's authentic to you and your partner. 


Why Should we have an Elopement or Intimate Wedding? 

Why Should we have an Elopement or Intimate Wedding? 

Picture this, you've just gotten engaged to your best friend. You're probably over the moon excited to begin planning a special day where you get to commit to spending the rest of your lives together. However, when you think of trying to plan a huge event with tons of people, you may start to feel stressed. Whether that be because you don't have a huge family, maybe it's because you're not into planning, or maybe it's just because you're looking at the eight million wedding checklists and thinking "I don't even want all of this." You shouldn't feel overwhelmed about your wedding, and you certainly shouldn't be forced into doing things the 'traditional' way if that's not what you and your partner want. Having an elopement or intimate wedding is about doing things your way and celebrating your love the way that feels right for you. Maybe that's just you two on a beach (or a mountain top, or in your living room) or perhaps its a small intimate backyard wedding with just your closest family and friends and a playlist on spotify. There's no wrong way to celebrate your happiness- but having a wedding day that makes you and your partner super stressed instead of super happy is crazy. You deserve to do things your way... and that's where we come in! We are all about telling your love story and creating the best experience for you on your wedding day! We know as your photographers we are likely one the few vendors on your day, and that is so important to us. We want you guys to look back on your whole wedding experience + photos and go "damn.. that was the best day ever!" 

Planning your wedding should be fun and make you happy, no matter what that looks like for you. You deserve to be happy on your wedding day, period. For some couples a big traditional wedding with all your friends and family is perfect to you. For other couples, the idea of a big traditional wedding just sounds so stressful and not very 'them' . I am assuming if you're here, you're the second scenario. If you're wanting to have a day that's a more little untraditional and unapologetically you, let's chat!  

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