Austin Wedding at Bear Creek Retreat

A Beautiful Spring Austin Wedding in Texas’ Hill Country

Bear Creek Retreat was the *perfect* venue for Joyce and Isaac’s beautiful May wedding. Each time I think I’ve seen just about all the area has to offer, Austin pops up with yet another gem. The intimacy of the property, along with the versatility of the landscape created the perfect cozy laid-back atmosphere. It is clear how much love is shared between them + their people. I firmly believe that the people you choose to share your wedding day with are so important. I hope their photos help remind them of that each time they look through this gallery. My goal in every photograph is to capture a moment, relationship, or feeling. I hope that together these pictures can paint a picture of their love. I hope that I can help tell a story of their beautiful, romantic wedding day in Austin.

The Story of the Day

On Saturday, May 13th I pulled up the hill and to my left read the sign ‘Bear Creek Retreat’ surrounded by beautiful desert foliage. To the immediate left of the sign is a glimpsing view of the rolling hills of Texas’ Hill Country. As a photographer, I knew I needed to pull over immediately and capture this moment. You’ll see these photos in the first two of the gallery below. Because capturing the ~complete vibe~ of people’s weddings are important to me, I try to take the time to capture the essence of the venue too. After all, this is the welcome sign that each of their guests would look at and know they were arriving to the place their loved one is getting married. I continued up the gravel driveway until I arrived at a home with a bright, yellow door. At this time I knew I had arrived.

I pulled into the parking lot and immediately saw a bright smile headed right towards me. She quickly introduced herself as their wedding coordinator and took me right to where the bride Joyce is getting ready. Joyce had a contagious smile across her face and I could immediately tell how kind she was. She also was so incredibly beautiful. Her dress was classic and elegant- you’ll see in her photos that she couldn’t have wore anything more perfect.

After chatting with Joyce and capturing a moment with her girls, I wandered downstairs to find Isaac. He was already dressed in a beautiful grey suit with a sage tie. He was radiating joy and so much excitement. I know it’s hard to know someone after only a few moments, but I knew pretty much immediately how genuine and loving Joyce and Isaac are.

Joyce and Isaac opted for a private first look in the courtyard outside the house. They shared some happy tears, a big hug and lots of laughs. The day moved so quickly with so many big and small moments. I wish I could properly do them justice, but my career is in photography, not writing 😉
On that note, I will leave you guys with this gallery to enjoy.

A Photograph of the Bear Creek Retreat Austin Wedding Venue. Exterior photo of the wedding venue house. Taken on an Austin wedding day in Texas Hill Country.

Photographs of wedding guests lighting sparklers to prepare for a reception exit.
An Austin wedding sparkler exit at dusk.

Planning your own Austin Wedding

If you’re here looking for inspiration for your own wedding, welcome! Would you like more information about hosting an Austin wedding at Bear Creek Retreat? Click here. If you enjoy my photos, I am a wedding photographer here in Austin. I would love to be a part of your day. You’re already on my website, but you can inquire directly here.

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