Arcade Elopement at Cidercade Austin

When I say that Cidercade Austin’s Arcade Bar was the PERFECT elopement spot for these two, I mean it. When I think of Naomi and Jason, I can immediately see their radiant smiles and feel the warmth that surrounds them. Individually, they’re both the best people. They are full of quick wit, contagious laughter, amazing advice, and the best food recommendations. Together they are the life of the party, the best friends, cheerful teammates, and the honest ear you need in your corner. I first met Naomi as a fellow photographer here in Austin. From the moment I met her I knew we’d be quick friends. When Naomi asked me to be a part of her and Jason’s elopement at Cidercade, it was the quickest “hell yes” of my life!

We met on a weekday morning and had the entire place to ourselves. We ate delicious pizza, bonded over frogger, shared some hoops and of course officially got these two married! The best part; this is a surprise to others! Naomi and Jason had another beautiful ceremony during a trip to Ireland & Scotland with family. To have gotten to be a part of this celebration with their two closest friends and a pastor from their church was so meaningful to me. I hope when you look through these Cidercade elopement photos you can see just how incredibly happy these two are!

Congratulations again to my dear friends, and now official Mr & Mrs, Naomi and Jason! 🙂

Photograph of Austin's unique elopement Venue Cidercade Arcade Bar.
Cidercade Elopement Venue in Austin Texas - Exterior Photograph of Cidercade ATX.
Wedding Ceremony at Cidercade - An Arcade Elopement Photography.

Planning an Arcade Elopement at Cidercade

There is a reason that Cidercade is on my list of Best Places to Elope in Austin Texas. All you need to get married here in someone who is ordained (who can be your pastor, your best friend, your grandpa, whoever!) and a marriage license. I also highly recommend pizza and photographer 😉 You can get important event information on their website here.

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