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Kaylen and Eric's Wedding photos at Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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I know that when I searched for my wedding photographer, I got so tired of seeing the same two poses and those forced smiles that while I'm sure were real (because lets be honest, it's hard to stop smiling when you're marrying your soulmate) were just totally not a representation of what my future spouse and I were as a couple. We are people who spend way too much time on Netflix, have one too many inside jokes to count and would much rather go on a road-trip than out to the club. I photographed my first wedding here in my hometown Cincinnati, Ohio in September of 2016 and was instantly in love. Surrounded by the closest people to their hearts, they went to a sweet little chapel, shared some incredible heartfelt vows, and then we went on a little trek through the woods while they enjoyed these moments together in married bliss. I knew I wanted to spend more days with couples who valued having the people they love most with them, and that they were celebrating their love in a way that was special to them. Whether it is just you and your fiancé or a garden full of your friends and family, I'd still love to celebrate with you and capture amazing memories for you to cherish forever. 

Adventurous Weddings + Elopements  

You don't have to plan a luxurious trip to the carribean, or go on a helicopter tour over the grand canyon for your wedding to be considered an 'adventurous' or  'unique' wedding/elopement. I love to help you plan for your big day, and sometimes that means that we're thrifting together looking for vintage milk glasses for your backyard wedding or hiking to a waterfall that's a little off the beaten path. If you're a couple who doesn't mind a little windy hair or getting a little dirty on your dress then I think we'd be perfect together! At the end of the day when the cake has been eaten and the vows have been said all that you'll have left is each other and the photos of your special day together. I think your wedding should be your own, which is why I'm out to make photos that are also 100% uniquely you. 

Photographing a wedding in Destin Florida - Destin Florida Wedding Photographer

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hey there! I am becky (with the good hair) and I'm super excited that you've made it here! I began this journey in 2016 and have been so grateful for every soul I've gotten to connect with along the way. I'm 20 years old, living in Cincinnati Ohio (but ready to go anywhere, I have a love/hate relationship with my city) and have a super-awesome fiancé who you will see along with me on most of my adventures! I'll binge watch the Office, Shameless, or Riverdale at any given time with you- and I'll be munching on chocolate covered raisins and pineapple pizza.

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Epic Places i'D really love to go with you 

Planning something a little off the beaten path or maybe just looking for some Inso? Here's some cool places I've visited that I think would make for some awesome session locations. 


Dream wedding/elopement Location List

Big Sur, California
Muir Woods/ Redwood National Forest
Astoria, Oregon
Seattle Washington
Olympic National Park
Yosemite National Park
Arches National Park
Horseshoe Bend (Page, Arizona) 
Indiana Dunes