Hi there! Whether you're an experienced photographer looking to dive deep into building a successful business or you just got your first camera + want to learn how to create beautiful photos, I'm here for you! I've been a professional photographer since 2016 and while I appreciate all the beauty behind taking photos, I LIVE for the business side of things. I took my little camera and kit lenses and turned it into a thriving business that I was able to take full-time by the time I graduated high school. If I can, you can too! Nothing inspires me more than helping other people follow their dreams and create a life they are excited for every single day. 

For those of you I haven't met yet; Hi there, I'm Rebecca Crawford!! I have really felt alllll the struggles that being a photographer and business owner can entail, and want to use my experiences to help you. I began to realize my passion for helping others when my friends would come to me for business advice and I got to watch them take that & create something amazing for themselves. Over the past few years I've successfully ran a profitable full-time photography business, grew a local photography facebook community of photographers to over 1,000 people, have helped endless people. I have shot well over 100 weddings, and who knows how many sessions! I'm now feeling more empowered than ever to help others find success, happiness, and fulfillment in this amazing career! 

I can help you with.. 

x how to use your camera: shooting in manual, understand exposure, lighting (natural and artificial)
x creating a workflow designed to do your jobs better + faster 
x gaining new clients 
x creating an incredible portfolio
x having an amazing client experience 
x facebook paid advertising 
x growing and managing an online community
x generating more income in your business
x managing your money for growth 
x Blogging effectively
x Pinterest

Meet me 


x  an easy two hour coffee shop sit-down. Ask me anything you'd like! :) We can cover any of the topics listed above! You can also use this as a zoom call if you'd prefer to not do this in person! 

x I will help put together a focused shoot of your choosing: elopement/small wedding, senior, family, etc! I will go over how I work with people and our camera settings along the way. 
x  an easy two hour coffee shop sit-down afterward the session. Ask me anything you'd like! :) 

A three-month immersive experience with you! Consider me your biz coach for 3 whole months! We will have a 90 minute meeting and set up a shoot of your choice every month for three months in a row. We will cover marketing, creating a brand people love, and create a roadmap to success for you. I'll help you start attracting dream clients, getting marketing ideas down, and answering any other questions you have along the way. I want you to come out of this thriving in all aspects with a clear intention on where you're headed next :) 

gimme more 

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i'll be emailing you back within the next 24-48 hours :) thank you so much! I am looking forward to working with you!