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established in 2015 

     what is....                             
                 a Bare Moment?

           When I think of a 'bare moment' I think of a moment in time stripped away of all the meaningless nonsense that fills ours days. A moment in time, whether it be your tear filled eyes as you see your future spouse for the first time, to those last few moments with mom before you're off to say 'I do'. I have dedicated my brand to documenting moments like those and telling your story. 

Hey There! 

I'm Rebecca, the owner of this happy little thing. I used to love exploring little corners of the world but lately you can find me bing-watching my favorite shows and eating lots of Mac-n-Cheese! I am definitely a relaxed person and click well with people who are down to just have a good time! If you’re into dancing your heart out and eating cupcakes, I think we will get along just great.

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