Style guide

Hey there- Thank you for choosing me to capture this awesome time in your family’s life! I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but what you wear in to your photography session is so important. Choosing certain textures/colors help set the mood, compliment your background, and most of all make your family look cohesive! Here’s my guide (along with examples) to choosing the right things for you + your family, alone with some examples of awesome outfits my clients have chosen!

Style tip

You should all look similar, but not identical. Wearing the same exact thing (for example, everyone wearing jeans and a yellow top) is a little distracting. Even though we know you’re trying to look cohesive, it should look natural. Everyone looking identical will be distracting to the eye.


Complimenting Colors


earth tones

Great for outdoor locations where you want to compliment nature around you. No matter where you are outside (whether it be a gorgeous dessert landscape, a thick lush forest, or a local park), these are colors you’ll always find! They’re personally always my favorite, too. These colors can also compliment a downtown vibe, and look best in the summer + fall!





Blues are rising in popularity, and with good reason! These look great in both nature and city settings, but be sure to pair them with neutral khakis and grays so it doesn’t become too overwhelming!


Bold + Bright

I won’t include colors here, because honestly just think of any bright color! My only warning is to stay away from neons, and for every one person in a bold color I would have two in a complimenting, more neutral colors. for example, if Mom wears a bright maroon dress, dad could wear khakis and a shirt with a design that has thew maroon color in it, but the whole shirt is not that color. My favorite fun color this year has been mustard yellow 🙂 Pops of color look great with clean settings- whether that be indoor in a neutral room or in the city streets, it’s sure to make you stand out and shine!





This one if pretty straightforward- think of grey, blacks, or whites! This look best in city settings + places with bright backgrounds. Sometimes when you’re downtown certain patters + colors clash- That’s when neurtal’s come in handy!

Thanks for reading! Any questions/concerns please reach out to me at