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What is Bare Moments?

I got the name ‘Bare Moments’ late one night… I was originally ‘Rebecca Lynn Photography’ but I felt that didn’t speak to my brand and how I wanted people to feel. I spent months brewing over what to ‘rebrand’ myself as. I wanted a name that reflected on what I wanted people to feel in my images; authenticity, romance, connection and emotion. I am not the photographer for you if you’re looking for hours of formal portraits, but if you’re looking for a photographer who wants your day to be about celebrating your love, happiness and spirit you’re at the right spot 🙂

When I think of a ‘bare moment’ I think about the tears in your partner’s eye as they see you walk down the aisle for the first time, the big hug from mom right after you put on your dress, or your last few moments with the guys before you get ready to tie the knot. It is a moment stripped away of all the posing and ‘staged’ feel- I focus on the real, beautiful memories on your day. After all, marriage isn’t about the cute posts or the formalities- it’s about two people coming together and saying I want to love you, for the rest of my life and that is exactly how I want my clients to feel when they look back through their photos 10 years from now.

Now, about me // Hi there, I’m Becky (just with the okay hair) 
I have always been one to chase big goals, and I knew from a young age that I was going to live my life off the beaten path. From making hot coco stands outside my middle school gym to having my dad pose for me in a bengals jersey so I could get some *~artsy*~ downtown photos in my portfolio, I’ve always been a little entreprenuer. Having the opportunity to share these amazing moments with people is the best job I could ever dream of!

I’ve lived in Cincinnati my whole life and I absolutely love it here!  I’m obsessed with the gorgeous history + architecture all around the city that fills it with so much character and charm. My favorite Venues are Crossroads Uptown and The Transept for this exact reason! While Cincy is my home, I’m spending most of my time nowadays traveling across the country to new cities to photograph amazing couples in love.

I love meeting new people and trying new things- I spend a lot of my time trying to pin down the best food and my favorite adventure spots. My cat Jackie is my go-to girl when it comes to cuddles and lazy days. I’m a pretty simple gal, and want to live a life dedicated to celebrating love and happiness 🙂


 Rebecca Crawford, with Bare Moments Photography

it’s me!

 Rebecca Crawford, with Bare Moments Photography

// keep up with my adventures + behind the scenes at @beckylecky98

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