Best of 2022

The Year for Me

I hear myself say this every year, but I am taking it as a good thing- 2022 was my best year yet!

When you’re working behind the scenes, it is hard to really measure things. Those outward-facing accomplishments aren’t there and all I’m really left to work with are feelings. 2022 was a year of tremendous personal growth. I went back to therapy- my first time as an adult. I finally fulfilled my life-long goal of *successfully* moving somewhere new. My work has grown exponentially this year (as I hope it does every year). I made the decision to go back to college and complete my lifelong goal of achieving a higher education- I’m writing this blog post in the trenches of my first week of homework.

2022 in Numbers

I photographed the least amount of weddings that I’ve ever photographed this year- it was a huge adjustment, but a necessary one after extreme burnout the last few years. Every single wedding/elopement/session I had this year genuinely filled me with so much creativity, joy and freedom. This year was full of some of my favorite art I’ve put together and I feel SO excited to take everything I learned this year to absolutely kill it in 2023.

17 Weddings Photographed

47 Sessions Photographed

1,112 Miles Moved (from Cincinnati, Ohio to Austin, Texas)

4 States That I worked in this year. (Ohio, California, Texas, and Kentucky.)

14 Plane Rides

Photos Taken: I once again didn’t count the raws, but if you told me they were somewhere close to 12 billion I’d believe you. 

Favorite Camera Set up: still my Canon Mark IV + 35mm 1.4 ll. however I sure do love my 85 too lately.

Ocean Beach San Diego Sunset Elopement at Golden Hour
One of my favorite photos ever taken- the bride, Hannah is one of my long time friends. We met on a whim many years ago and have went on so many adventures. Her bringing me along to their San Diego wedding was everything & more. Congratulations Hannah and Patrick 🙂
Couple Eloping at art exhibit at the Toledo museum of art in Ohio.
art museum elopement with Olivia + clay!! they were so down for anything and wanted super creative shots.
photographed at a DREAM venue for me, the Krohn Conservatory! I adore greenhouses and everything about this place is so dreamy. It was during the butterfly show 🙂
Maria & Mark’s engagement session. We just walked around downtown snapping away & having a great time!
this dreamy night shoot at the observatory 🙂
The View from Cabrillo Monument Wedding Ceremony Site of San Diego's Harbor

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