Conkle Hollow Elopement with Shannon and Esteban

This Conkle Hollow elopement with Shannon + Esteban is one of my favorite yet! From the beautiful carved caves to the flowing waterfalls, it is easy to see why Hocking Hills is a favorite elopement destination. While Hocking Hills is home to many beautiful spots, Conkle Hollow is one of my favorites. I had always dreamed of photographing in this place, so I organized a fun shoot with the adorable Shannon and Esteban. These two were married with a more traditional wedding the previous year, but are two adventurous people who were so excited to explore Hocking Hills and have a photoshoot in their wedding attire. We had so much fun hiking the Rock House and Conkle Hollow Trails, along with visiting a farm for some horseback riding!

I enjoy planning sessions so much; Finding the perfect locations, vendors, and activities brings me so much joy! I opened this shoot up to a few photographer friends as well. Seeing everything come together in a beautiful way to give couples an amazing experience is so fulfilling. Together, we all enjoyed a day full of adventure, nature, and fun together!

Planning a Hocking Hills Elopement

Are you planning your own elopement? Eloping in Hocking Hills is so much fun for many couples. Whether you prefer an action-packed weekend or a weekend of relaxation, Hocking Hills has you covered. I love helping couples plan their dream wedding day! Here’s a list of ways that you can make sure your Hocking Hills wedding is everything you dreamed of:

  • Make it Legal. I previously wrote a post about How to Elope in Ohio that covers the legalities of your ceremony.
  • Find a Location. There are many ‘venue’ options in + around Hocking Hills. If you aren’t inviting guests, you can have your ceremony almost anywhere (with your permit). Some locations around the park, such as Ash Cave, are suitable for small ceremonies with guests as well. If you are planning on having more than 10 guests I highly recommend booking a cabin, property, or wedding venue in the area. Some of my favorite wedding venue options for couples are Crockett’s Run and Idyllwood Reserve.
Eloping couple at Hocking Hills standing under rock towers
Eloping Couple Stting on Limestone Rocks at the Conkles hollow Trail at hocking Hills Ohio
a couple at their hocking hills elopement smiling/laughing by Conkle's Hollow Waterfall
Wedding Couple snuggling outdoors in the rocks at the Conkle's Hollow Trail in Hocking Hills Ohio
Bride and Groom running to their elopement spot in Conkle Hollow next to mossy rocks and a stream.
The backside of a couple walking away from camera towards the Conkle's hollow Waterfall
A wedding couple leading each other across a stream while adventuring around the Conkle's hollow Trail on their elopement day at Hocking Hills
A couple at their Hocking Hills elopement having their first kiss under Conkle's Hollow waterfall.
Wedding couple hugging in the forest at Hocking Hills
Hocking Hills Wedding Couple kissing at 21 Horse point in the forest during the afternoon
Couple standing on a cliff for their wedding at Hocking Hills
eloping couple dancing on cliff edge at Conkle's Hollow
Happy Couple at their Conkle's hollow Elopement Cliffside
Couple overlooking a cliff in the forest at their Conkle's Hollow Wedding
A hocking Hills Elopement couple posing in a cave entrance. The couples silhouette is filling the frame of the cave and the photo was taken in black & white

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