Oregon Elopement at Short Sand Beach

Keihona and Isiah’s Spring Seaside Oregon Elopement

This past spring we joined Keihona and Isiah for their Elopement at Short Sand Beach in Seaside, Oregon. Springtime in Oregon can be somewhat unpredictable but thankfully these two and all of the vendors were down for a little adventure! Alexis Ramblings, owner and master creator behind the Slow Cult (a PNW wedding planning service!) sourced the driftwood altar directly from the beach and used her locally grown florals to create an organic, natural backdrop for the beachside ceremony. Inspired by the colors of the Dutch Baroque art period, we went with golds, oranges, yellows, and warm colors to compliment Keihona’s gold wedding dress. Isiah also wore an orange turtleneck to not only tie together the warm palette but to put his own personal style into the elopement.

The best part about eloping is that it can truly be whatever someone would like it to be. Because this wedding day was free of unsolicited expectations from other people and the harmful pressure of ‘traditions’, it was a day that reflected love. Keihona and Isiah wore clothing that they felt the most beautiful in, they ate food they enjoyed, they did activities that they wanted to do and most importantly their entire day was an epic and meaningful reflection of their love together.

Once these two finished having their beach ceremony and enjoying the scenic views of the Oregon coast, they moved to the forest. They celebrated their elopement with a lovely picnic in the forest that was so intimate and fun. Together they popped champagne, shared a smoke, and enjoyed their delicious post-elopement food. They smiled from ear to ear as we were wrapping up in the parking lot, and said “This was the perfect day and one I absolutely never want to forget”.

Vendor Love

This is a list of the vendors who worked so hard to make this beautiful Seaside Oregon elopement come to life!

Photography: me 😉

Design, Floral Installation and Styling: Alexis Ramblings with The Slow Cult

Gold Wedding Dress by Reclamation Dresses

The Black Velvet Suit was actually thrifted!

Happy Wedding Couple with Golden wedding Dress and Orange Wedding Bouquet sharing vows on Short Sand Beach for their Oregon elopement ceremony.
Couple sharing a sunset wedding walk on Short Sand beach during their Elopement in Oregon.
Large Gold Rose and Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet on Oregon Bride with Gold Wedding Dress

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