Indiana Intimate Backyard Wedding

Breakfast food, floral ties, big smiles, and even bigger hearts- that’s what June 27th, 2020 was all about.

Brunch Morning Backyard Wedding

From the moment I first met Elisabeth and Tyler I could immediately feel the love between them. The way they looked at each other, talked to one another, there was just magic in the air. Mix that with an absolutely gorgeous backyard wedding and you have a wedding that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Backyard Wedding Altar

The “Venue” | Backyard Wedding Goals

When I say that this is one of the most beautiful wedding locations I have ever shot at, I say that knowing all the implications of that statement. From the lush farmland you drive through to get to their parents house, to the rolling hills right in their backyard, their house is a dream come to life. These two were planning their intimate ceremony

Weddings like Elisabeth and Tyler’s are my absolute favorite type of wedding. You have only your closest friends + family, a relaxed day, and it really allows the love to truly be felt in all aspects (and in the photos, too) . Tyler hand made the *perfect* altar and it added such a personal testament of their love for one another, which just made it that much better to get to capture their beautiful day under it.

They wanted a special day filled with only their closest family + friends, and I think it absolutely shows. Its a day that was focused on one key thing, love.

A Romantic First Dance

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

After the ceremony came the first dances right in front of the house and they turned out absolutely amazing. There was so much love in the air it was hard choosing just one photo for this section, so definitely check the rest out down below.

First Dance with Dad Ohio Backyard Wedding

Okay, I couldn’t not include this moving moment that made me tear up. The first dance with Dad is always one of my favorite moments in any wedding, and this was top contender for one of the most beautiful dances I have seen.

During their dance it started to rain a little but did that damper the mood? Not one bit, and if there is one thing better than dancing, its dancing in the rain with people you love.

First Dance with Mom Ohio Backyard Wedding

You just see the pride and love of this shot of the first dance with Mom. They started dancing on the porch and said screw it, with Tyler leading his mom out into the rain and I am so happy they did. The look of love and pride mixed with raindrops just makes my heart beat happily just thinking about it.

Post-Ceremony Wedding Brunch on the Front Porch

After the first dances, everyone settled in for the cutest brunch, handmade by Elisabeth’s parents. Naturally it ended with Elizabeth and Tyler feeding each other on the front porch which created the cutest photos ever. It was so uplifting to walk through her parent’s house and hear everyone laughing and talking to one another.

Just Married Ohio Backyard Wedding

We wouldn’t be us unless we stole the bride + groom away from everyone for some fun relaxed photos. They were so happy to finally be married and were constantly trying to make each other laugh during photos, which was honestly the cutest thing on earth. This was in rolling hills I mentioned before and I am so happy how these photos turned out. I know I sound like a broken record but you could just feel the love in the air and it was contagious.

Backyard Wedding Inspiration

I will end it here as I could go on and on about how amazing a couple Elisabeth and Tyler are and how perfect their day was. While editing a sneak peek I ended up with 161 photos (oops..) so enjoy this very extended look into their day! Be sure to leave a comment for the newlyweds below and save these photos to Pinterest for major backyard wedding inspiration!

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