Its Me, Tristan -

Its Me, Tristan

A lot of you probably haven’t heard of me yet, and that’s more my fault than anyone else’s. So hi there, I’m Tristan, I’m a nerd, geek, boyfriend + partner to Rebecca, loving dog-dad, and of course a photographer. Here I am to officially introduce myself to the world, and tell you what I am all about.

Growing Up

I grew up on a 100 acre farm in the middle of nowhere Texas. We had dogs, chickens, goats, sheep, some neighbor horses that might as well have been ours, and tons of cats, like a ridiculous amount of barn cats. I was adopted when I was 6 by my wonderful parents, and grew up fixing fence, building chicken coops, and driving 30 minutes to the closest town to pick up animal food.

It might be surprising to hear my first passion was computers. I got my first computer when I was 8 and broke it beyond repair within two months. I wanted to see how it worked and ended up deleting the system32 folder, which completely made my pc unusable. Of course I didn’t know about system backups or re-installing Windows or anything like that, so I didn’t get a new computer again until I was 13, when I bought my first laptop. The laptop was probably taken apart and put back together at least 20 times throughout its lifetime, and ever since then I just knew I wanted to do something with computers. I ended up going to Texas State Technical College in Waco, TX for Network Administration and Network Security, where I graduated and got a full time job at a kick-ass company in my hometown. I stayed there for a couple of years before I left Texas.

Finding Home

Why leave Texas? You have a great job, make decent money, have a nice apartment, your family is all there, so why leave? Its a question I asked myself a lot growing up, but even though I was perfectly happy in life, I just never felt like Texas was my home. I always yearned for more in life, to get out and see the world. So when my best friend offered to let me live with him in South Carolina, I took it up with no hesitation and never regretted it. I moved to Monck’s Corner, South Carolina with only what fit in my small Chevy Sonic. I drove 22 hours through the night just to get away, and never looked back

Well by the time I moved I had already met Rebecca online and we were just part of a large friend group. We never really talked much outside of the friend group, but that began to change. We began with movie “dates” online and ended up just talking for hours on the phone the next day. This went on until March where she surprised me by saying she was coming down to visit me. After one of the best weekends of my life I knew I had found the partner that shared my goals and aspirations and I couldn’t lose her.

So I drove to Ohio a couple times and stayed with her for a week or two. The second or third time I went I stayed for just a month but never left. I quit my job and began helping her with her photography business. She was so passionate about her work it inspired me as I was feeling a bit lost after leaving my IT job. It began by just holding her camera bag for her while she photographed that session, and then sitting next to her while she edited them and raved about how amazing that session went. It was so lovely to see someone so passionate about their work in a world where most people hate their jobs.

My Start in Photography

This actually wasn’t the first photography experience I had growing up. I was always the picture taker of the family. Looking back through photos this year I realized I took way more photos of everything than even my mom did. I did my first “professional” session when I took photos of my mom on a tractor for her Facebook profile pictures, so yeah, I’m somewhat of an expert.

One day after a session with Rebecca she offered to give me some tips about using a camera, so I got to hold and use my first ever professional camera. She told me about lighting, what the different buttons do, and everything that goes into good photography. My start in photography was a tiny snowball that she just gave a little nudge down a mountain.

I began going to more shoots, helping with almost every session, and once Rebecca got her new shiny camera, I had a camera to use. It began by helping with couples shoots, and recently, I shot my first wedding as a second shooter. It has been a long and extremely fun road to go down with my partner, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So that’s me and how I got to Ohio. I am thankful I get to be with someone that allows us to do what we love together whenever we want. I look forward to grow as both a person and a photographer, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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