Curtis and Emily | Yellow Springs Engagement Session -

Curtis and Emily | Yellow Springs Engagement Session

Ohio has been up to some pretty crazy weather this week- from snow and freezing rain, to a high of 50 with clear skies we weren’t sure if the gorgeous weather would last for our session. But it did, and I’m so glad because it meant I got to spend yesterday doing a little exploring and a lot of cuteness with Emily and Curtis! 

Curtis and Emily are high school sweethearts, and are still filled with nothing but love for one another. They met in AP band class their sophomore year, and from that moment on these two would celebrate life, love, and happiness together. From senior prom to now planning their own wedding, I’m sure they’ve been through so much together, and I’m so excited to celebrate where they are now and I know that the future holds so many great things for the two of you! 

Now, let me just set the tone for this session. Picture a beautiful partly cloudy sky, birds chirping and the last bits of fall foliage peeking through. The air has that perfect ‘fall’ crispness to it, and we’ve just pulled into a small parking area in middle-of-nowhere Ohio. We meet at Clifton Gorge, where we follow a long, steep path that leads us down to the churning water, tall rocks and beautiful forest everywhere we look. I was so giddy from excitement! I think the beauty speaks for itself and sometimes reminds me that hey, maybe Ohio isn’t so bad after all. We even got a visit from a  very snazzy cat (who hates to be picked up, but loves a good head rub).

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