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Mindy, Camille, and Holden – a sweet, fun Glenwood Gardens session!

I’ll admit, when Mindy reached out to me about family photos I was a bit nervous. Mindy is also a photographer and I really wanted to give her beautiful images for her and her family to cherish forever. I remember the second I saw them, a big smile filled my face and all the nervousness crept away because Mindy and her wife Camille were so in love and dressed way too cute! Then, out popped cute little Holden, who was definitely a handsome little man. We got to explore a new park together and share lots of laughs, tickles, fart noises and kisses!
Throughout our session I got to learn even more about them- Camille literally said she knew she wanted to marry Mindy on their FIRST date! Mindy knew she wanted to marry her when she found her jamming to good old Justin Bieber. I could not stop smiling at the way these three interacted with each other. 
I LOVED these three and I can’t wait to watch their family and love grow! Thank you guys for letting me share this amazing time with you. 

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